NOTE – Please ensure the SSID network connection does not. “time out.” Some, “Guest”, networks are configured by IT to disconnect users after a period of time. The media player needs to remain connected to the internet to receive updates 

Installation is super easy! 

For a quick how-to, check out our installation video here (video tutorial coming soon).


Follow these steps below. 

  1. Unpack the media player and remove HDMI port cover
  2. Connect the power cable to the media player 
  3. Attach the antenna 
  4. Connect HDMI to monitor directly or using the HDMI extension cable 
  5. Connect USB power directly to monitor or using power block 
    1. (Some USB ports do not supply enough power. If media player power light is on but not playing content, use power block) 
  6. Power on monitor and tune to appropriate HDMI using, “Source” option on your remote control. 
  7. Connect USB keyboard to media player 
  8. If content is playing, use “esc”, key to enter, “Basic Settings” 
  9. Select “Wireless LAN” 
    1. Enable
    2. Select the appropriate SSID
    3. Enter password

Power cycle media player and you are done! Content will begin playing after startup. 

If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to us at or (800) 520-6704.